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Passports issued within the past 12 months

If your passport was issued within the past 12 months it is free to get a replacement passport in your new name. Applicants should complete form DS-5504. Start personalizing your form online via the link below. You can return the completed form by mail, or in person at a passport acceptance facility. We explain filing details, how to pay the fee and more.

Download form DS-5504


Passports issued more than 12 months ago

If your valid passport was issued more than 12 months ago you are required to pay full renewal fees ($110 book, $30 card). Complete form DS-82 via the link below. Return your current passport, the completed form and a certified copy of your marriage certificate or name change order. Expedited service is available for an additional $60. As you need to send your passport and original documents, it's strongly recommended you use and a traceable delivery method. The passport agency recommends sending your application unfolded in a large weatherproof padded envelope.

Download form DS-82


Ready to start changing names now?

Already married or have a name change order? Let us help you complete all your state and federal name change forms. We have the name change procedures and paperwork for over 1,000 organizations, including banks, credit cards, utilities, loyalty clubs and hundreds more! We personalize your documents and deliver to you, so you can just sign and send. We'll let you know exactly what to do so you're not trawling the net for information or spending hours on hold when you don't need to.



Can't document your name change?

If you've changed names, but don't have a court ordered legal name change or marriage certificate you may still be able to have a US passport issued in that name. For example, you may be divorced and didn't request an order to change names as part of your proceedings.

Follow the same procedure and pay the same fees as for a first time applicant. Start by completing for DS-11 Application for a US passport via the button below. Our system lets you choose an unlimited number of state and federal name change forms, and provides all the necessary information and paperwork to change names with over a thousand organizations. Banks, credit cards, utilities, loyalty clubs, insurance and hundreds more. All our notifications come complete with mailing addresses, supporting document enclosures and step by step filing procedures. No guess work, no time wasted.

Download form DS-11


Have pending international travel?

If travelling within the next few months, book international travel under the name that currently appears in your passport. You may update your passport on your return. If time allows, you can apply for an updated passport before you travel you should be able to provide proof of name change to the airline and a new ticket can be issued. A small fee may be payable, and ALWAYS check the airline's policy first.

If you make a booking in a name that does not yet appear in your passport you could experience complications if your passport does not arrive on time. Passports are delayed where forms are not filled out correctly, insufficient or incorrect supporting documents are submitted or fees do not clear. If you find yourself in this situation an airline is unlikely to change the name on your tickets and they may become invalid.


Just married? Updating your passport is not essential.

If you're changing names from marriage you can choose to continue travelling under your current passport, even if all other documents have been changed into your married name. As no credit is given for time remaining in your passport, you may choose to only update the name in your passport once it comes close to expiry. Always carry a copy of your marriage certificate in case you ever need to prove your identity. As your married name is an assumed name, you can still legally use your maiden name even if you're commonly known by your married name.

If your name change is resulting from a court order you should not travel under a passport in any other name. Ensure your passport is updated into your legal name as soon as practical.