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Once you have your marriage certificate, divorce order or court ordered name change document, the first step is to inform the SSA of your new name. Many agencies match your name record from what is currently on file with the SSA and will only issue identification in that same name.

There is no charge to change names with the SSA. Complete form SS5 - Application for a Social Security Card.

As you must show your original wedding certificate or court order, most people prefer to file at in person at a SSA location. This way you can keep your original documents with you. If you don't have time to visit an office you can send your application by mail to any location. Include your original certificate and any other necessary documents. It is recommended you use a tracable delivery method and your documents will be returned.

Your name is generally updated within 3 days of your application being received.Once changed, you can update the DMV, passport and the rest. You don't need to wait for confirmation back from the SSA that your name has changed before visiting the DMV as they can access your records online. A replacement Social Security card will be mailed within about 2 weeks. Your SSN (number) remains the same.

Get your name change paperwork

We'll help you complete form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card via the button below and provide information on how to file. We'll prepare all your name change paperwork so you can just sign and send. Starting from $19.95 - there's no need to trawl the internet for forms or information.

Download SSA name change form