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New Zealand Name Change Resources

Married Name Change Guide

Changing your Name after Marriage

It's no difficult to change names after marriage, it just takes some time, patience and a little organisation. Easy Name Change NZ can make it a breeze. >>more

Legal Name Change for Australians living in NZ

If you’re an Australian citizen living in New Zealand you can change names in either country. You’ll need to consider which country you have more accounts in, what passports you hold and where you intend to live in the future. >>more

How to change names via Civil Union NZ

Couples in civil unions in New Zealand enjoy most of the same rights as married couples, and that extends to the right to assume the name of your new partner. In theory, if you want, as a symbol of your love and togetherness, to take your partner's name, you are perfectly at liberty to simply start using it.In practice, however, you might find it e.... >>more

Reverting to your maiden name

You don't need to be divorced or even separated to start using your maiden name again.  We explain how. >>more

Name Change Checklist

There's a ton of organisations you'll need to notify once you change names.  Our handy checklist can help you through the process, of use our more detailed checklist that comes in the Easy Name Change guide. >>more

A Bride's Legal Options for her new name

It's not just case of take it or leave it when you consider your new husband's surname, there are other options available. >>more

Name Change when married overseas

Most New Zealand organisations don’t accept foreign marriage certificates as evidence of your new name.  If you want to take your husband’s name after marriage you have three choices;1) Conduct a NZ marriage ceremony either before or after your overseas wedding.  This will give you access to a NZ marriage certificate and also .... >>more

Changing Your Name Has Never Been Easier!

Easy Name Change is New Zealand's only name change service that helps you through the process of changing your name and updating all your memberships and accounts. >>more

Passport Name Change

When changing the name on your passport you must reapply for a new 5 year passport.  There is a fee payable regardless of your reason for name change. >>more

Supporting Documents

When changing your name with banks, credit providers and financial institutions it is a good idea to include a verified copy of your identification along with a verified copy of your marriage certificate. >>more

Obtaining Certified Copies

Obtaining verified copies of either a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, identification or any other document is a simple process. >>more

Inland Revenue Name Change

Use the form in your Easy Name Change kit to notify Inland Revenue of your new name. >>more

Electoral Roll Name Change

There are 2 ways you can change your name with Elections NZ.  You can either complete a form or email your request. >>more

Ordering Your Marriage Certificate

Several organisations will need to see your marriage certificate to change your name after your wedding. >>more

Driver Licence Name Change

It is best to change your driver’s licence first is may make other changes easier down the track.  There are fees to update the details on your licence. >>more

What are my Divorce Name Change Options?

Find out your options for changing your name after a divorce or seperation. >>more

How Do I Change My Name?

The process of changing your name can be difficult and time consuming if you have to do all the research yourself.  We simplify the process by doing all the research for you and providing you with all the information you need in one spot. >>more

What Documentation Do I Need?

Most organisations require some kind of evidence of your new name.  The type of document you provide will depend on your situation. >>more

Why should I use Easy Name Change?

We've done all the hard work for you to make your name change as simple and smooth as possible >>more

What Are My Married Name Options?

As a bride you have 4 options for taking a new name.  You can take any one of the listed options and as a married couple you can have different surnames.  Any of these changes can be taken with only your marriage certificate as evidence of your new name. >>more