Changing your Name after Marriage

In New Zealand, it is up to you what to do with your surname after you got married. Do you leave it as it is, do you opt to take your husband’s surname instead of your own, or do you use a combination of both your names and create a double barrelled name? There are no legal requirements on what to do after marriage, it is all up to custom.

If you go down the traditional path of changing your name to your partner’s or use a double barrelled name, you will assume your partner’s name. This means that there is no legal name change procedure required, and you can revert back to your maiden name any time. The only thing you need in order to change your name is your marriage certificate.

Since you are assuming your husband’s name you can also be known by two different surnames, your maiden and married name. There is consequently no legal time limit by which you will have to update your accounts. In addition, you can leave some of your accounts under your maiden name.

However, it might be easier to have all accounts under the same name to forgo confusion. If you decide to assume your husband’s surname you will need to obtain an official copy of your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you register for an Easy Name Change Kit, saving you a lot of work, the application form will be included. Moreover, they will provide a checklist of companies you will have to contact to make your name change final. All what is left then is to sign and send all the necessary forms and letters and your name change will be right out the door.

It's no difficult to change names after marriage, it just takes some time, patience and a little organisation. Easy Name Change NZ can make it a breeze.