How Do I Change My Name?

Once you are married it is your choice as to what name you will take after marriage.  You may take your husband’s surname in place of your own, add his name to yours to create a double barrelled name or leave your name as it is.  If you go down the traditional path of taking your husband’s surname or double barrelling your names, you only need your marriage certificate as evidence of your new name.  There are no other filings required to start using your new name.

When you take your husband’s name after marriage you don’t ‘legally’ change names - you are in fact assuming your husband’s name.  This means you can still be known by your maiden name, but you are also allowed to be known by your husband’s name.  Because you can be known by either name at any time, there is no time frame by which you must update your accounts.  You can also leave some accounts under your maiden name.  For instance you may change all your photo ID into your new name but have a term deposit or investment property under your maiden name.

If you decide to assume your husband’s surname you first need to order your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.  The application form in included in your Easy Name Change Kit.  Next, take 20 minutes to read through the Easy Name Change guide.  We explain which organisations you need to change your name with first and how to do it.  Next you’ll need to set some time aside to create your name change notifications using our templates.  Your name change is completed once you have sent out all the necessary name change notifications.

The process of changing your name can be difficult and time consuming if you have to do all the research yourself.  We simplify the process by doing all the research for you and providing you with all the information you need in one spot.