How Soon Should I Change My Name?

There is no requirement to complete your name change by a certain time.  You can be known by your new name immediately after your wedding.  You can then start notifying organisations of your new name once your marriage certificate is available.  Some brides can take months, and even years to get all their accounts updated.  Brides who use Easy Name Change kits make the transition to their new name more quickly.

It only takes 10 minutes to get your Easy Name Change kit.  It is delivered by email immediately after purchase.  Take 20 minutes to read through the Easy Name Change guide then set aside half a day to get all your name change notifications prepared.  Most organisations will update your name immediately after receiving your notifications.

Got 10 minutes?  Get started right now and download your Easy Name Change kit in just minutes.  Next try to find a few hours when you won’t be interrupted to get all your research and notifications done.  You should find most of your accounts and memberships can be under your new name within a week or two.

Whilst it is common for married name change to take place within a few months of a wedding, there is no legal time frame required.