What Are My Married Name Options?

When you are married there is no legal requirement to change names.  Name change after marriage is a tradition that around 90% of brides still choose to make.  The traditional straight swap is still the most popular option, however there are a number of other options available.  Here’s the full range of choices;

  1. Swap your new husband’s surname with your own.  Around 85% of brides take this path.
  2. Extend your surname by adding your partners to your own.  This is known as a double barrelled surname.  Traditionally the husband’s name goes last, but you can change the order if you prefer.
  3. Use a combination of your maiden and married name. You may find some records never get updated, such as an investment property title.  Or you may prefer to retain your maiden name at work.
  4. You can leave your name as it is.  You can use the ‘Mrs’ or ‘Ms’ title.

Want a different surname entirely?

As an individual or a couple you may want to change your surname entirely, but if it is not one of the above options then you would need to change your name via Statutory Declaration.  This process is managed via Births, Deaths and Marriages.  If a couple decide they both want a new name, it is easiest for the husband to legally change his surname before the wedding, then after the wedding the bride can use the Wedding Certificate to change her surname.

The Easy Name Change guide has full details on how to change your name to any one of these options.  If you plan to make any change to your name you will need a certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.  Both Marriage Certificate and Name Change by Statutory Declaration forms are included in the Easy Name Change kit.

As a bride you have 4 options for taking a new name.  You can take any one of the listed options and as a married couple you can have different surnames.  Any of these changes can be taken with only your marriage certificate as evidence of your new name.