What Documentation Do I Need?

If you are changing you name after marriage, you will only need your wedding certificate as evidence of your new name.  Your wedding certificate shows the link between your maiden name and your husband's name.  In this situation you don't actually legally change your name, you are assuming your partner's name.  This means you are free to be known by either your married or maiden name.  There is no need to 'register' your new name, simply show your marriage certificate as evidence.  An application form for a copy of your wedding certificate is included in our Easy Name Change kit.

If you are legally changing your name via statutory declaration you will receive an official name change certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.  Once your name change is successful you must immediately cease using your prior name for all purposes.  A legal name change application form is included as part of your Easy Name Change kit, along with instructions on how to complete and lodge your application.

If you are reverting to the name you held prior to marriage you can either show a divorce order, or both your marriage and birth certificate. 

You will need to notify all organisations that hold a record for you of your new name.  Most companies will want to see your marriage or name change certificate as evidence of your new name.  Some companies may also need to see supporting documents to verify you as the account holder.  Our guide explains what 100 points of ID is and how to get copies certified.

Most organisations require some kind of evidence of your new name.  The type of document you provide will depend on your situation.