Ordering Your Marriage Certificate

If you have been married in New Zealand you need to apply for a NZ Marriage certificate.  If have been married in the last few days it may take a week or two for your certificate to be available.  Your certificate application is turned around within 1-2 days of receipt.  Marriage Certificate application forms are included in your Easy Name Change kit.

Your marriage certificate will have your names at the time of marriage and your partner's names.  This certificate proves the link between your maiden name and your husband's surname and companies will accept this as evidence of your new name.  You do not need to officially 'register' your new name. 

You can start using your husband's surname immediately or you may chose to continue using your maiden name.  You can also chose to change to your husband's name, or return to your maiden name at any time and for any reason.

If you were married overseas you need to apply for your marriage certificate via that country’s Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.  See our married overseas section for more information.

The Easy Name Change guide has full details on how to order your marriage certificate and what your married name options are.  The Easy Name Change kit comes with a Marriage Certificate Application form in case you have not yet ordered a copy.

For more information about Marriage Certificates you can also contact Births, Deaths and Marriages directly.

Several organisations will need to see your marriage certificate to change your name after your wedding.