Passport Name Change

In order to maintain high levels of security, New Zealand passports are valid for only 5 years.  There are different requirements for changing the name in your passport depending on your situation.  No credit is given towards any remaining validity in your current passport.

Married or Divorce Name Change

If you have been married or divorced you may change the name on your passport at any time. Even if your licence has been updated, you can leave your passport under a different name and you may chose to have your passport updated when it is due for renewal.

If you are not updating the name on your passport straight away, you will need to ensure that all your flights are booked under the same name that appears in your passport. If you were married in New Zealand you will not need to send in a copy of your marriage or divorce certificate as the passports office can access this information directly from Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM).  If you want to return to your maiden name you can do this at any time or for any reason.  You do not need to wait be divorced.


Legal Name Change

If you legally change your name you must change your passport immediately as you are not legally allowed to be known by two names. Citizens who were born in NZ do not need to show supporting documentation as part of their application as the passports office has access to your records.  If you are a citizen who was born overseas you may need to show supporting documentation.


How do I change my passport?

Regardless of your reason for changing names, the Easy Name Change Guide has full details and procedures for passport name change, including current fees and forms. 

Your passport will take 10 days to be issued, providing you have correctly completed the application form.  You will need to have a certificate issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages to support your name change before lodging your application.  Read through the NZ Passports form in detail before commencing your application.

When changing the name on your passport you must reapply for a new 5 year passport.  There is a fee payable regardless of your reason for name change.