Can I Keep My Maiden Name at Work?

You can keep your maiden in some circles, while still having your identification changed into your new married name.

Many women who have built up a good network and reputation within an industry will often decide to retain their maiden name in the workforce.  This is quite a common practice, especially with the average age of marriage rising and women having pivotal roles within industry.  In this instance you can still go ahead and change your name on your passport, drivers licence and all other documents whilst having a different professional name.  It is legal to have two names, one is a legal name (ie: You may take your husbands name on your passport and drivers licence) and the other is a name by association (ie: you may keen your maiden name for professional reasons).

If you are a busy professional then save yourself a few hours of mundane research with an Easy Name Change Kit.  If you decide to change the name on your passport and bank accounts, but retain your maiden name at work, then just watch out for a few common pitfalls:

* Ensure your work books any international plane tickets under the name in your passport

* Advise payroll when your bank account details change

The only exception to using two different names, as described above, is if you have chosen to denounce your previous name by legally changing your name.  This process is managed by Births, Deaths and Marriages and you will need to successfully lodge your Legal Name Change Application for this to take effect.  Only a minority of women chose to legally take on their husband's name.

You can keep your maiden name at work, while still changing all your identification over to your new married name.