Banking Name Change Procedure

If you’ve got some time and want to do your own name research, write letters and make checklists then let us help. We’ve researched the name change procedures for all larger banks in the USA (and lots of the smaller banks too!) 

Where a brank has local branches, they prefer their customers to visit in person. That’s so they can witness and record your original signature to keep on file. They will also want to sight your original proof of name change, such as your marriage certificate or court order.  The majority of banks want to see that you are already using your new name, so it’s recommened you visit the DMV and get your driver’s license updated into your new name before dropping in at your bank.

So you’ve got time to kill? Check out the name change process for your bank. We also have procedures for communications and TV, credit cards, the SSA, passport, travel rewards and more. Allow an average of 20 minutes per company to organize your checklist, write any notifications, prepare your proof and send it off.