Arrowhead Credit Union Name Change

Unlike most financial institutions, it’s relatively simple to change names with Arrowhead Credit Union. It’s important you prioritize your name change with Arrowhead and any other banks as you could experience issues when writing or cashing checks and proving your identity.

Arrowhead Credit Union ask for updated photo ID as well as a copy of your marriage certificate or court order, so there’s a certain order to follow when it comes to updating your records. Easy Name Change provides detailed step by step instructions and personalized forms and paperwork for over 1,000 organizations. Start by sending in the SSA name change form, included in your pack. Once you have proof the SSA has updated your name, go onto update your Californian driver’s license.

You can then go onto change your name with all financial institutions. Save the most time by sending in the Easy Name Change letter or ready to forward email. Attach a copy of your marriage certificate or court order as well as your driver’s license. If you prefer, attend any Arrowhead CU location in person with original documents.

Once you’ve updated the SSA, your driver’s license, bank and credit union accounts, go onto change names with all other companies. There’s no special order to what should be changed next. Simply send off all your Easy Name Change personalized letters, forms and ready to forward emails! Each notification lists what proof to attach and where to send it. Easy Name Change customers save 8 hours of researching procedures, completing paperwork and figuring out what to send where. If any of your chosen companies need you to follow a different process we provide detailed filing instructions so there’s no wasted time on hold.


Want to save 8 hours? Get started with us, and if we don’t save you hours of trawling for forms and unnecessary time on hold, then we’ll cheerfully refund your money!

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