Bank First

Banking Name Change Procedure

Changing names with Bank First? You’ll first need to change names with the SSA and get updated photo ID. File the SSA name change form, provided in your Easy Name Change kit. We list what proof documents to include. Once you have confirmation that your name has changed with the SSA you can then go on to update your photo ID. If you have a Wisconsin license, complete the form and file it at the DMV.

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Once you have changed names with the SSA and on your photo ID you can go on to change names with Bank First. There are no special forms to fill out. Simply attend any branch in person with the necessary proof.

Easy Name Change provides the name change forms for all your state and federal agencies, along with hundreds more companies. We cover them all; utilities, communications, insurance, rewards clubs and many more. Forms are personalized in your name, so in many cases you can just sign, attach your marriage certificate or court order and send!

For companies like Bank First where there is no name change form, we provide detailed filing instructions so you don’t need to waste hours on hold.


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