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Banking Name Change Procedure

Change names on Bank of America checking and savings accounts

No matter if you have changed names from marriage, divorce or legally, it’s important you notify Bank of America as soon as possible. You may have issues writing or cashing checks where the name on your bank account is different from your other identification documents, so aim to get all your accounts and ID changed over to your new name within a few weeks.

How do I change names?

Allow about 8 hours to contact each company, learn the process and complete all the forms. Got better things to do? Buy an Easy Name Change kit and get it done in just 10 minutes! We provide detailed filing instructions plus ready to send forms, letters and emails for over 1,000 organizations. Just sign, attach your proof of name change and send!

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Bank of America name change process

All name changes need to start with the SSA, then get your photo ID updated. Next, attend any Bank of American location in person. Take any Bank of America plastic cards, your original marriage certificate or court order and photo ID with you. Bank staff will sight your identification and witness your new signature.

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