Berkshire Bank Name Change

Berskshire Bank customers need to visit a branch to get their name changed. Bring updated photo ID and either your original marriage certificate or court order. Because you need updated photo ID, you’ll need to first update your name with the SSA, wait a few days for the change to be visible to other agencies then attend the DMV to update your photo ID.

If you’re changing names, chances are that the SSA, DMV and your bank are the only three places where you need to visit in person. For most other companies you can send your name change request in writing. No need to contact each company to learn their process, get their form, work out what proof to include and where to send it all. Easy Name Change has done the hard work for you! We provide send name change forms, letters and emails for all your companies! Just attach your proof of name change and send!



Click the button above to get started. Learn the exact process for Berkshire Bank and get any corresponding forms. It only takes 10 minutes to build your name change kit and you’ll save yourself about 8 hours of waiting on hold and mindlessly filling forms.

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