Busey Bank Name Change

Busey Bank customers should update their account information as soon as possible after changing names. That’s because you can encounter difficulties when dealing with checks in one name and your identification is in a different name. Busey bank customers can attend any bank location with their original proof of name change (such as a marriage certificate or court order) and updated photo ID.

Getting updated photo ID is a two-step process. First, the SSA needs to have your new name on file, so attend any SSA location with the name change form and current photo ID. Allow 2-3 days for the name change to filter through the SSA system, then go to the Illinois DMV with the necessary ID and get your driver licence or non-driver ID card updated.

Get the SSA form and learn what proof documents are required by the DMV as part of your personalized name change kit. We let you choose all the organizations you’ll need to notify, then provide personalized and ready to send forms, letters and emails. In many cases you can just attach your proof of name change and send!

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