Deseret First Credit Union Name Change

As with many financial institutions, Deseret First Credit Union customers need to visit a branch in person with the necessary documents to get their name changed.

What documents do I take?

You’ll need to show your original proof of your name change, such as your marriage certificate, divorce order (if it lists both your married and former names) or your court order. You also need to show government-issued ID that has been updated.

Is there an order to update my records?

Yes! As you need to show an updated photo ID, you’ll need to start with the SSA. File the SSA name change form in person and wait 2-3 days for the change to be visible to other agenices. Next, attend Utah DMV in person. There are no forms to fill out in advance. Once you have received updated ID you can then update credit unions, banks and credit cards.

What about the rest?

This is the really time-consuming part… No records are linked, so you need to contact each company to learn their process, see if they have a form or perhaps write a letter or email. You also need to find out what proof each company needs and where to send it. Easy Name Change can take care of all that for you. We provide researched and tested name change procedures for over 1,000 US organizations. If you need to send in a letter, form or email we provide it for you. It’s personalized in your name and ready to send! Just attach the proof documents listed at on each notification and send to the address provided.


Rather do it yourself?

If you’ve got a spare 8 hours to ring around and learn each company’s process then use our FREE CUSTOMIZABLE CHECKLIST! Know exactly which accounts you need to update and make sure you don’t miss any, with our database of over 1,000 companies broken up into 11 different industries. Print it off and use it to keep track of your progress


See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

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