FedLoan Servicing Name Change

No matter if you have changed names from marriage, divorce or legally, FedLoan customers can change names by sending in the Easy Name Change letter. You’ll need to provide an updated photo ID and a copy of your proof of name change (eg: marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree).

The DMV pulls records from the SSA and will only allow a name that matches. That means you will first need to change names with the SSA. Wait for the SSA to confirm your name has changed then attend your state DMV office in person to update your driver’s licence or non-driver ID card.

We provide your paperwork!

Easy Name Change provides personalized and ready to send name change letters, forms and emails from across 1,000 US organizations. Simply click the button below to get personalized and ready to send forms. Choose which organizations you need to notify, then we’ll process all your paperwork and deliver to you. We also provide detailed filing instructions so you don’t need to waste time on hold learning the process or looking for forms or mailing addresses. All kits come with a 60 day money-back guarantee!


Want to Do It Yourself?

If you don’t want to buy a name change kit, then get a head start with our FREE checklist! You’ll still need to set aside about 20 minutes per company to do the research and process your paperwork. Our checklist is fully customized so you can choose only the companies you need and keep track of your progress.

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