First National Bank of South Miami Name Change

Customers with First National Bank of South Miami need to visit a branch in-person to get their name updated. Be sure to take updated photo ID and your original proof of name change, such as your marriage certificate, court order legal name change certificate.

Before you can go to First National, you’ll need to start by filing the SSA name change form at any SSA office. We provide SSA change of name form as part of our personalized kits. Although you can file by mail, we recommend going in person so that your original primary identification is not held up or lost in the mail. Your name change will be processed on the spot, but takes a few days to be visible to other agencies, like the DMV.


You’ll then need to visit the DMV to change the name on your driver’s license or non-driver card. There’s no form to file, but you will need to bring a number of identification documents.

Easy Name Change helps by explaining what process to follow with each organization, so you’re not wasting hours on hold working out what to send where. Follow our step-by-step filing instructions for all your chosen organizations. We also provide personalized and ready to send name change forms, letters and faxes so you won’t waste hours filling in repetitive forms.

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