Banking Name Change Procedure

You’ll need to update SSA and then go on to change names on your photo ID before you can change names with FirstBank. Start by sending in the SSA name change form. It comes as part of your Easy Name Change kit or call the SSA to get the form sent to you.

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Wait to receive proof that your name has been changed with the SSA then attend a DMV branch in person. You may need to pay a small license duplicate fee and some state DMVs have special forms. We can provide the form for your state if there is one.

Take your updated photo ID in person to any FirstBank location to have your name updated. You can also order a checkbook in your new name and request any bank plastic cards are reissued.

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Want ready to send forms, letters and emails? We provide ready to send name change notifications and detailed filing instructions from over 1,000 organizations.

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