Georgia’s Own Credit Union Name Change

Georgia’s Own Credit Union make it easy to change names by providing some options. You can attend any location in person with your proof of name change and updated photo ID and your name change will be processed on the spot. If you prefer, complete the form provided in your name change kit and mail together with copies of your proof of name change and updated ID.

Update the SSA & DMV first

You need to show updated photo ID, so you’ll need to file the SSA name change first. We provide the form in your Easy Name Change kit. A few days later your name change will be visible to DMV staff, so you can visit your DMV branch and get updated photo ID.


Get ready to send notifications

Save yourself a full day of waiting on hold and completing forms. Easy Name Change provides ready to send name change forms, letters and emails along with detailed filing instructions. No unnecessary time on hold! No guesswork!

Ready to change your name now?