Michigan State Uni MSU Federal Credit Union Name Change

No matter what your reason for changing names, customers with Michigan State Uni MSU Federal Credit Union can simply sign the form provided and mail it in with proof of name change and updated photo ID. Forms can also be filed in person at any branch.

We provide all the name change forms needed so you won’t waste time calling around and researching which companies have forms, which ones want letters and where you can email. Simply choose all your organizations from our extensive database. We then personalize all your name change notifications and instantly send to you. Attach the proof documents listed on each notification and send! 


 What about companies that don’t allow name change in writing? There are going to be some places where you need to log into your account and upload proof, visit in person or even call. No need to waste time figuring it all out – we provide detailed instructions for all your chosen companies! 

No name change kit can save you from having to visit a few places in person. Although you can file the SSA name change form by mail, we recommend you attend an SSA office in person so staff can process your name change on the spot. You also need to go to your DMV as they want to witness your signature and may take a new photo. Unlike Michigan State Uni Federal Credit Union, most financial institutions want you to visit in person. For the rest, simply follow our instructions and send in your personalized Easy Name Change notifications. It couldn’t be any easier!

Ready to change your name now?