Muncy Bank Name Change

Muncy Bank, like most financial institutions, want you to visit one of their locations in-person to update the name on your accounts. You’ll experience issues when cashing checks in a name that is different from your account, so make your Muncy Bank account a priority.

Get updated photo ID first

No matter if you’re changing names from marriage, divorce or court order, make sure you file the SSA name change form first. You can send this in by mail, but we recommend attending an SSA office in person so your name change can be processed on the spot and you don’t need to wait for your original name change proof and photo ID to be sent and returned by mail.

Allow a few days for your updated name to be visible to DMV staff, then head over with your current license and proof of name change. Your state may have a special form or require additional evidence of identity documents, so read the instructions for your state DMV in your personalized Easy Name Change checklist.


Visit Muncy Bank

Got your updated photo ID? Then you’re ready to head off to Muncy Bank. Also take your proof of name change.

Send off all remaining name change forms

You’ll have a number of other companies that want to receive your name change request in writing. Easy Name Change provides ready to send name change forms, letters and emails for all the necessary companies. You’ll likely have other companies where you need to call, log into your account or visit in person. Simply follow our checklist instructions for each company and save yourself hours of figuring it all out..

Ready to change your name now?