Pen Air Federal Credit Union Name Change

Before changing names with Pen Air Federal Credit Union please follow these steps:

  • Get your official marriage certificate, divorce decree or name change order
  • File the SSA name change form, which we can provide personalized and ready to send via the button below. You can mail the form in, but it is best to file in person as it saves you from mailing your original proof of name change and photo ID.
  • Wait a few days for the SSA name change to be available to other agencies, then attend your state DMV for an updated photo ID. You can change names with Pen Air Federal Credit Union once you have updated photo ID.

An Easy Name Change kit saves you hours of wasted time learning what you need to do for each company. No waiting on hold. No guesswork. No looking for forms! Click the button below to choose all your organizations then we provide ready to send forms, letters and emails. Simply follow the instructions for each of our companies. In most cases you can just sign and send!


Don’t want to get an Easy Name Change kit? That’s OK but you’ll need to set aside a day or two to get it all done yourself. Make a list of all the companies you need to notify, then contact each one to ask what their name change process is. Do they have a form? Do you need to send an email? Is there something else you need to do? Then write all your name change letters and complete any forms you have received. Yes, it literally takes all day! If you want a head start with knowing which companies you should notify, then check out our free name change checklist builder.

Ready to change your name now?