PSE Credit Union Name Change

Changing names with PSE Credit Union? You’ll need to visit a PSE location in person with the following documents:

  • Proof of name change. That’s your marriage certificate, divorce decree or name change order
  • Updated photo ID.

As you need to show an updated photo ID, be sure you have first changed names with the SSA and updated your photo ID. We can provide the SSA name change form and detailed information on what supporting documents are needed by Ohio BMV.


We will save you weeks of back and forth learning what each company needs and what goes where. Get ready to send forms, letters and emails for all your companies! No wasted time on hold.

PSE Credit Union needs you to visit in person as they have a higher standard of proof to document your name change. That’s because PSE holds your funds and allows access to credit. Bank staff will witness your new signature and copy your supporting documents. Once this is done they arrange checkbooks in your new name and replacement credit & debit cards.

Ready to change your name now?