State Employee Credit Union NC Name Change


State Employees’ Credit Union requires customers to attend a branch to get their name updated. As you need to show updated photo ID, there are a few steps you’ll need to take care of first,

Start by updating your SSA and photo ID

  1. The SSA should be the first place where you change names. We recommend filing the SSA name change form in person so that you don’t need to mail in original identity documents.
  2. Attend your state DMV in person. If they have a form, we provide it! Our researched companies procedures also explains if your state has a duplicate fee and what other identity documents may be required.
  3. Attend SECU and any other banks or credit unions. Most financial institutions require you to attend in person as they want to witness your original proof of name change and updated photo ID. As these organizations issue credit and hold large assets, it’s important they are certain of your identity!


An Easy Name Change kit saves hours of calling around, looking for forms and working out what goes where. It usually takes a few weeks for people to get all the research and paperwork sorted. Our customers can get all this taken care of in just 15 minutes! Get ready to send name change forms, letters and emails. In many cases you can simply attach a copy of your marriage certificate or court order and send!

Then take care of the rest

There’s usually an extra 10 or 20 places where you need to update your name. Water, electricity, insurance, travel rewards, passport, loyalty clubs, professional associations and more! This is where we save you the most time. Simply follow our fully researched company instructions to know what to do and get ready to send name change notifications!

Ready to change your name now?