Woodforest National Bank

Banking Name Change Procedure

If you hold a checking or savings account with Woodforest National Bank aim to get your name changed as soon as possible as it can make cashing checks or proving your identity difficult. Take your marriage certificate, divorce order or name change order to any branch together with an updated photo ID.

Before you can update Woodforest accounts, you need to update the SSA and then attend your state DMV in person. We provide the name change forms for both the SSA as well as your state DMV if they have one. Wait to receive proof your name has been updated with the SSA before attending the DMV.

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

From here, there is no special order as to which companies should be notified next. There’s also no one standard process. You’ll have a range of forms, letters and emails to send off. Each company has different proof documents. Eliminate the tedious task of calling around to work out each company’s name change process with an Easy Name Change kit. We provide step-by-step filing instructions and provide ready to send notifications. Just attach the proof of name change, sign and send!

Chances are you also have a number of online accounts to update. It’s not always easy to find the hidden name change request pages! Some companies need you to send a secure message or an email instead. Save yourself days of waiting for messages to be sent back and forth! We provide full instructions for over 1,000 companies, so you don’t need to figure this out yourself.


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