Amazon Prime Name Change

If you’ve married, divorced or legally changing names it’s not essential to update your details with Amazon or Amazon Prime.

Amazon has a name linked to your profile, but it is not linked to saved payments or shipping addresses. You can wait until you next check out on Amazon and add your new payment method and/or shipping address then. If you prefer to proactively manage your details then follow the steps below.

Need to update other records?

Chances are you have another 10 to 30 or more other places to update. We provide ready to send name change forms, letters and emails for all popular companies along with fully researched filing instructions. You’ll save 6 to 8 hours! Sure, you set aside 8 hours to knock it out yourself – just contact each company to learn their process and then prepare all your paperwork, but this is a long and boring process that takes weeks to complete! Easy Name Change can provide researched procedures and ready to send paperwork in just 10 minutes!

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Amazon & Amazon Prime

Log into your Amazon account and navigate to your account settings

  • Sign in > Click ‘Accounts & Lists’ under your name (don’t choose a drop-down option, wait for the page to load)
  • Click ‘Login & Security’
  • Alongside your name, choose ‘edit’

Stay logged in. Navigate to your account settings to update addresses and payment details.

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

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