Netflix Name Change

Changing names with Netflix? You can call Netflix to do this over the phone. By confirming some details on your account you won’t need to send in any proof. You can’t change names by logging into your Netflix account.

If you’re changing names from marriage, divorce or legally there are probably 20 or more other places you need to update. Get hard-to-find name change forms plus ready to send letters and emails in just 10 minutes! In most cases you can simply attach your proof of name change, sign and send!


Call Netflix on 1-844-505-2993 or start a live chat via the Netflix website at

For some companies, like Netflix or Amazon, it does not matter if your name is officially updated. The most important consideration is that your payment method is up to date, especially if the credit card linked to your account will be updated. You can update billing information online once you are logged into your account. You can update your profile and add or remove profiles in your Netflix account online, but if you don’t call to update the name on your account it won’t create any issues.

See how much time we can save you!

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