Chase Name Change

Like most larger banks, you need to change names on your Chase accounts and credit cards in person at any branch. Take original proof of your name change together with updated photo ID.

Before you go into the bank

Chase needs to see updated photo ID, so follow these steps for the fastest name change:


  1. Get all your name change forms, letters, emails and instructions via the button above.
  2. Start by changing names with the SSA. We provide the SSA name change form in your Easy Name Change kit. File in person at any SSA location. You can file by mail but will need to send original identification which may take weeks to be returned.
  3. Wait a few days for the SSA change to be visible to other agencies then attend your state DMV in person. About half of all state DMV offices have a name change form and some charge a duplicate license fee. If your state DMV has a form, we provide it for you. Wait to receive updated photo ID before going to Chase.
  4. Attend any Chase bank in person. Show updated photo ID and your original proof of name change (marriage certificate, divorce order, name change order). Take your Chase credit card too.
  5. Follow the instructions in your Easy Name Change checklist to see what other banks, credit unions and credit card providers require. Most need you to attend in person. Some can be done by mail or over the phone.
  6. Send off all your Easy Name Change letters, forms and emails. Each is personalized in your name and pre-addressed to each company. Check the enclosure notes at the bottom to know what proof to include,
  7. Follow our instructions for all the others. We explain where to find name change features for online accounts, where to upload proof and where to call.

Once you have changed names with your banks there is no special order to get your records updated from here. Having an updated credit card means you can change both your name and payment details at the same time, which is ideal for accounts like Netflix or Spotify.

Where do I get name change forms?

Save hours searching for forms and waiting on hold. We provide name change forms, letters and emails for over 1,000 organizations! Simply choose your companies and we provide ready to send name change notifications. Just attach the proof listed at the bottom, sign and send to the address at the top! It can’t be any easier!

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

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