Government Name Change Procedures

Once you have proof of your new name you’re ready to get all your records and accounts updated in your new name. But where do you start? Right here in the government category.

No matter your reason for changing names, always start by filing the SSA name change form. It can be done by mail, but it’s faster to file in person, and you won’t need to mail off original identification documents. 

There’s a number of different agencies that work in with the SSA. Some agencies like the IRS share records with the SSA, so won’t need to update then individually. The DMV are not notified of your name changing with the SSA, but they will cross check your record when you request changes. As a result you need to only update the DMV once your SSA record has changed.

Save hours of calling around and figuring it all out yourself with an Easy Name Change kit. Get fully researched instructions and ready to send forms, letters and emails where your name change can be sent in writing.


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