PayPal Name Change

You can only change your PayPal account name to match your legal name. Your name will appear changed around 2 working days after uploading your documents. All customers are required to use the online process to change names as it is fast and efficient.

How can Easy Name Change help?

If you’ve married, divorced or legally changed names chances are you need to update bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards, shopping and travel rewards, passport, driver license and more! Save hours of boring research, looking for forms and writing letters. Choose from over 1,000 organizations and get detailed filing instructions for all your companies plus ready-to-send forms, letters and emails!

Start your name change

PayPal name change process

Follow these steps;

  • Once logged in click the ‘settings’ button at the top right (it looks like a cog).
  • Click the ‘change name’ link alongside your name.
  • Choose the reason for your name change from the list available
  • Click the button to upload your proof documents.

You need to upload 2 proof documents:

  • A copy of updated photo ID, AND
  • Proof your name has legally changed (eg: marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order)

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

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