Problems with your kit

I’m a Hotmail/Yahoo user – where’s my kit?

I think I’m missing companies – Why didn’t I get a stack of forms?

I can’t find ready to forward emails

I don’t know how to open the attachment

I need to make changes to my kit

I need to speak to someone about a different problem


I’m a Hotmail/Yahoo user. Where’s my kit?

Hotmail/MSN/Live/Yahoo almost always diverts our emails to your junk or deleted items folders. Rest assured we have sent your kit! Please search your junk or deleted items for ‘easynamechange‘.

If you still can’t find the email, either;

1) Reply to any of our emails (so that we can locate your customer details) and provide an alternate non-hotmail address where we can forward your kit.

2) Download directly from our site. You need the password that was automatically sent on registration, so you probably won’t know it off the top of your head! Request a password reminder here. Then log in here. Once logged in click the ‘downloads’ link from the top right corner of your browser, then you can access your kit

I think I’m missing companies. Why didn’t I get a stack of forms?

Some name change services provide a letter or form for each company and ask you to send off in hope it will be accepted. We know which companies will reject that letter because that’s not their name change process.

We pride ourselves on giving customers the most accurate information that will save them the most amount of time when changing names. That means you’ll probably have companies where you need to call or visit in person. Providing a letter for these companies will drag out your name change because it will be rejected and you will then need to find out what alternate process to follow. Our fully researched name change procedures means no rejections, and no unnecessary or generic letters. Sure, it would be great to get a form for each company, but that’s just not going to save you time in the end.

By law we can’t sign your old and new signature or represent you directly with companies, as name change requests MUST come from the account owner. We aim to do everything else within our powers to facilitate and speed up your name change experience.

I can’t find ready to forward emails

Search all folders (including junk & deleted items) for emails from Still can’t find them? Then follow these steps:

1) Your email program is probably blocking our emails. Add domain to your white senders/safe senders list.

2) Login at

3) Click ‘resend emails’.

I don’t know how to open the attachment

Depending on your number and combination of companies, your kit may contain as few as 3 or as many as 30 different files. We bundle them all into a single attachment using a zip program. Almost all computers include an unzipping program.  Double click or right click the attachment and chose to ‘extract’ or ‘unzip’  the file to a folder on your desktop.  If you have a trial version on WinZip it may no longer work. Consider downloading a free unzipping program like 7-zip or Zipeg.

I need to make changes to my kit

Easy Name Change kits are a once off purchase. Once a customer clicks ‘Finalize and send’ their transaction is considered completed. Customers who enter data incorrectly may only notice after receiving their kit. Because our system is 100% automated, it processes information exactly as entered by the customer. Any errors in your personal information are a result of customer data entry. There are 2 options:

  1. (Recommended) For minor changes such as spelling, simply cross out the error in blue or black ink and handwrite the correction alongside. Initial alongside any changes. Companies will accept this all the same.
  2. If you want to generate a replacement kit we need to reset your account. All your information is saved. You can make as many changes as you like; add more companies, change your address, your old & new names and more. We charge a $5 account reset fee. For premium kit customers where the kit has been dispatched we charge a $20 reset fee which covers printing, materials and dispatch at cost.

I need to speak to someone about a different problem

Simply reply to any email sent to you from Easy Name Change and one of our name change professionals will get back to you, or email us online.