Privacy Policy

Last updated 11 May 2023

Our updated privacy policy is designed to provide you with greater transparency of your personal data. This website is owned and managed by Wired Living Pty Ltd, ATF Dennis Settlement (“Wired Living”), trading as Easy Name Change. We are an Australian company.


By consenting to this Privacy Policy you are giving Wired Living permission to process your personal data so we can provide personalised name change documents. We explain why we need your sensitive data, how it is stored and when your data is securely deleted in this privacy policy.

What data do we collect and how do we treat it?

Wired Living only collects the information we need to provide you with a personalised name change kit. You will always know what information is being collected, as you will provide the information as part of using our service for the legitimate purpose of changing your own name.

As part of providing you with our most basic service, we must have your full old and new names, mailing address, email and phone number at a minimum. You have the option to select companies and enter account numbers. You can choose not to provide account numbers without compromising the quality of product you receive from us.

The information you provide us is collected for the sole purpose of providing a personalised name change notification kit. Your data is securely retained in our proprietary databases for a limited period. We have world-class security ensuring limited access to your sensitive information. Your data is always kept safe! We have a number of security measures, such as randomised passwords assigned on registration, McAfee Secure and Comodo SSL certification. We have been validated as a legal entity, have no malware or malicious links, no phishing and the highest level of SSL security. We have a number of additional security measures and internal processes we have chosen not to disclose on this page.

Lawfully holding your data

It is our policy to always securely delete all your company sections and account numbers within 3 months from when you registered or finalised your kit, whatever is more recent. We hold this information for the purpose of providing follow-up service, for example, if you need your kit altered or resent.

We will always hold your names, contact information and transactional information for the purpose of identifying you as a customer of Easy Name Change. If you would like this data securely erased you can contact us and we will ensure your records are securely erased within 20 working days. Once this happens we will be unable to identify you as a prior customer.

Payment data

Easy Name Change only processes customer payments via Airwallex and Braintree Australia (a PayPal company), collectively called ‘payment gateways’. Our payment gateways hold your sensitive payment information. As the merchant, we do not get visibility of your full account or credit card information. We can’t force your payment – the customer must click the ‘buy now’ button for the payment proecss to begin. For more information on our payment gateways’ security and privacy policies visit and Wired Living independently holds limited information provided by our payment gateways, such as the payment amount, currency, time and transaction ID.

Third parties

Wired Living does not share any data with any third parties, with the exception of limited transactional data explained above.

Right to be forgotten

Wired Living will erase all your personal data on request. Any registered user simply needs to contact Easy Name Change via the contact page and ask. For paying customers this means we will no longer be able to confirm you as a prior customer of Easy Name Change

Data Portability

On request, you can receive all personal data we have on file for you at no charge. We will always provide this within 28 days.

To raise a complaint

Send an email via our contact page, marked to the attention of: “The Director, Wired Living Pty Ltd”.

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