Changing your name after divorce

Changing your name after divorce

Changing your name after divorce

Divorce is one of those life-changing experiences that not only can turn into a financial nightmare but also can create a paperwork backlog. For divorcees wishing to make a clean sweep, changing your name back or taking another name can be one frustrating experience.

In the UK, there is an easy way and there is a hard way to change your name. If you are dropping your spouse’s surname and going back to your pre-married name, you must go through that same process when you divorce. The unbelievably frustrating way to change your name is try to manage the whole notification process yourself. For many people the paperwork itself is a nightmare.  The chances of spending half your day waiting for people to answer the phone and give you the information needed is great. (cont...)


The simplest way to change your name is to use a name change notification kit, If you can spare 10 minutes to change names for once and for all, then you can get all the procedures and paperwork in one hit.

Here is how to get this tedious chore behind you. Follow this link to choose companies across a database of hundreds. Provide your old and new names and your contact details. Expect full name change procedures, ready to send letters and faxes plus company specific name change forms in a few minutes. You can also request everything to be printed and posted.

Once you have your Easy Name Change forms and notifications, just sign the documents, and send.  Easy Name Change provides both letters and faxes as companies have varying name change procedural requirements.  Now, take one minute and calculate how much time you just saved. Don’t forget that you have no down time waiting on hold, searching for forms and no scrambling around trying to figure out who you have missed. Easy Name Change UK is the most stress-less way to accomplish this important task. You are good to go so get going!   

When changing names after divorce it’s recommended you update all your records at once.  Having a name change drag on for months or years will become very frustrating and time consuming.

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