How to Change Surnames

How to Change Surnames

How to Change Surnames

When changing your surname in the UK the process might seem like an unnerving task. However, there are some general rules which you have to follow in order to change your name. We explain the process.

Firstly, you need an official document listing your old and new name. The document required depends on your reason name change. If you changing names after marriage or civil partnership you will have to present your marriage or civil partnership certificate as evidence of your new name. In this case you will assume your new name, there is no need to denounce your prior (maiden) name, nor is there any ‘official’ registration of your new name. You can order an official marriage certificate online (if more than 12 months ago) or order at any time from the local registry office.

If you want to revert back to your prior name due to separation or divorce, your divorce decree is sufficient proof. In the case of reverting to your old name without a divorce, you will have to present a birth certificate or other legal document linking both your prior and assumed name together. If you can't locate the necesary proof documents, you can reorder them or else get a deed poll. 

If you decide to change your name for a different reason, for instance change the spelling or order of names, add or remove a name or even want a whole new name, a deed poll is necessary. You can also change your name by statutory declaration; however, deed poll name changes are widely available and are well understood by UK organisations.

Once you have one of the documents listed above to support your name change, you will have to notify all the necessary organisations. A large number of companies need to be informed, including all your identification (passport and driving license), plus banking records, utility providers, phone companies and more. Allow about 20 minutes per record to call up, speak with someone, then send any neessary paperwork.

Name change services, such as Easy Name Change, can provide you with all the information and forms to change names with virtually all the major UK organisations. You can receive companies’ specific name change forms, plus ready to send faxes and letters. You can also get full name change procedures for companies that don’t require name changes to be done in writing.

Always change names on your driver’s license with the DVLA first. Many organisations will accept an updated driver’s license as proof of your new name. The DVLA name change form is included in all Easy Name Change kits.

No matter what your reason for taking a new surname, we explain how to go about it and who to notify.

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