How to change my name

How to change my name

How to change my name

When I finally decided to change my name, I sat down and started a list of everyone, every business and every government agency that needed to be notified.  After 15 minutes I knew I was in over my head. While I stood a chance of correctly identifying all these parties, I realized that to change my name comprehensively, I needed help.

When you need help, you need to find the pros who help people changes names every day.  I did my online research and discovered this really great website. All I can say is that I did not have the time to figure out everyone that needed to be notified. Besides all these entities had different name change protocols. (cont...)


When I knew I was to change my name, I went to This might surprise you, because a lot of men never change their name.  But, my bride and I decided we wanted to be connected to both our families.  That is what we thought would be most meaningful to our children.  So, we did what any couples are doing. We combined our family names in to one hyphenated name. It’s a good combination and I feel a sense of pride about this commitment.

I must say that when I started to think about things like my passport, driver’s license, my banking and credit card information along with my deed poll changeover, the process seemed pretty intimidating. If I had not found, I may have put my hyphenated name change aside. Then my bride reminded me that she would have to do it either way.  She looked closely at Easy Name Change and decided that their prices were so reasonable that we could not afford not to have someone guide us through the process and do all the paperwork for us.

We decided upon the Premium Kit. That’s the one where Easy Name Change writes all the letters to my entities and sent me the necessary letters and completely addresses envelopes.  To change my name, all I had to do was sign the letters, slip them in their envelopes and post them.  Closed case! My bride used the same plan. I changed my name and Suzanne changed her name on the same day. This was one great way to start our new life.

Maybe you are not getting married. Maybe you have other reasons to change your name. Who cares?  That is your business.  If you are ready to make a name change, visit

I started changing my name by myself, then realised what a massive task I had ahead of me!  Then I enlisted the help of Easy Name Change UK and saved myself about a day and a headache of effort.

Considering Changing Names?

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