Keeping your name change off the electoral roll

Keeping your name change off the electoral roll

Keeping your name change off the electoral roll

Changing your name can be a boring and time consuming process. If you are not prepared beforehand there may be many set backs along the way. There are different reasons why you may be deciding to change your name. You may be getting married or divorced or even changing it for a more unusual reason such as gender change. However, marriage and divorce are by far the most popular reasons it the uk and this is what this article will be concentrating on.

Changing your name after marriage is not compulsory and many women are now opting to keep their names the same as before. There are also less traditional routes being chosen such as double barreling your surname, meshing a combination of both surnames together or keeping your maiden name as your new middle name. (cont...)


As women are beginning to get married later, these options are becoming much more popular. Women are becoming much more attached to their surnames and want to keep a part of it within their name. Women are also more likely to have built up a good reputation in the business world and may want to keep their name for professional purposes. Fortunately for these women, it is possible for them to change their name in all areas of their life apart from their professional life. However, although there are now many new trends in how women change their name after marriage, changing your name in the most traditional sense is still the most popular.

85% of women are still choosing to take their partner’s surname.
For those of you who are getting a divorce it is most likely that you are wanting to change your name back to your name before marriage. A Divorce certificate will usually suffice for evidence of name change but if your name before marriage is different to your name when you were born you may need to provide a birth certificate. Most companies want to see the link between your name now and your name before marriage. Therefore, you should ask for your maiden name to be put on the divorce certificate beforehand.

Most companies should use this certificate as evidence and if you have not got your prior name on the certificate you will need to enclose a marriage certificate as proof of your previous name. Some companies however, will still ask for a Deed Poll so you must be prepared for this.

For both marriage and divorce you may need a number of certificates. Many companies ask for certified copies of certificates and you can organise to get multiple copies. Other companies accept photocopies of the certificate and some expect the original certificate. For your passport and driving license you must send off the original but it will be sent back to you in top condition.

For all cases of name change you will need to inform all companies holding your records of the new name. This includes the Passport Office, the DVLA, Council Tax, utility companies and the Electoral Roll. The Electoral Register contains names of all people who are eligible to vote. If you are not sure if you are registered you can contact your local authority and ask them directly. You can also go to your local town hall where you can inspect the full register with supervision. It is important that you are on the register as otherwise you are not able to vote.

If you discover you are not on the Electoral Register then you can wait until an annual form is sent. Voter registration forms are sent to all properties and you can use this to either change your name and address or register for the first time altogether. If you move address or change our name after this has been sent out you, you can contact your local registration office directly and send them your new details as well as your certificate to show you have changed names. They usually accept this as a photocopied version but check before. You can not change your address information until you have actually moved into your new address.

You can make the process of changing your name much quicker and easier by visiting  They can list most companies for you and tell you exactly what evidence each one needs. It can save you a considerable amount of your valuable time.

Changing names but don't want your new name to be on the electoral roll?  We explain how to go about it.

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