Need to Change your Last Name?

Need to Change your Last Name?

Need to Change your Last Name?

It’s relatively simple for anyone in the UK to change last names and it can happen for a number of reasons.  The most common driver is marriage. Other reasons include deed poll, divorce or separation. There is no centralised register of names in the UK, so if you need to change your last name we explain how.

2019 should see just over 250,000 weddings. Around 80% of these brides will go onto change names.  It's expected that 50,000 of us will go onto legally change names by deed poll this year.  A deed poll allows a person to change any or all of their name, including just their surname.  Change of name deeds can be done online with reputable Deed Poll organisations for under £35.  There are less reliable statistics when it comes to divorce or separation name change as there is no special process, it is usually a case of an individual requesting each organisation to amend her records. (cont...)


Name change is always managed by the individual.  It is up to each person to decide if they want to change names and then go through the appropriate steps to ensure their name has been changed with all the necessary organisations. The easiest way to do this is by sending out an Easy Name Change notification. Just choose which organisations to notify, then receive ready to send letters, forms and emails. 

To get started yo'll need your marriage certificate, deed poll or divorce decree.  If you're not using an Easy Name Change kit, then make a list of every organisation where you have a record, then contact each one to request their your name is updated. You'll probably be asked to send in a form, letter or email. Many companies will also want to see a copy of your marriage certificate, deed poll or divorce decree so they can be sure the change is legitimate and your account is safeguarded against fraud.

Contacting each bank, credit card, phone and utility company is a time consuming process, especially when many of them then request you send a letter to their office. Name Change notification kits can save you the best part of a day spent waiting on hold to tell companies about your name change. Our kits provide ready to send name change notifications to any organisations that require your request in writing, and will even include what proof of name change documents should be included. If any listed organisations have a different name change process, you’ll receive comprehensive instructions on what is required.

Changing last name can be time consuming and require a lot of administration.  Make it as easy as possible with an Easy Name Change kit.

If you're married, divorced or have changed your name by deed poll, we'll guide you through the process. 

Considering Changing Names?

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