New Name Guide

New Name Guide

New Name Guide

Want a new name? You’ve come to the right place. No matter if you’re changing surname after marriage, changing back to your maiden name or you want a different name via deed poll we can help.

Our new name guide steps you though the process.  Here’s how to get a new name;

Part 1 - Get a document that proves your new name

  • Changing names after marriage? The only proof you need to get started is your marriage certificate
  • Reverting to your maiden name? If you’re already divorced I’s easiest to use your divorce order, otherwise you can show a combination of documents that link your married name to your prior name, such as a marriage certificate AND birth certificate, or marriage certificate AND old and new driver’s licences. You should always show documents that have been issued by a government authority.
  • Taking a new name? You’ll need a deed poll. You can order these online for around £40. You can change the spelling or order of your names, add or remove names or get a totally new name. You must use your new name for all purposes as soon as your deed poll arrives. You should aim to get all your records updated within 10 days



Part 2 – Notify organisations of your new name

Option 1 – Use a name change notification kit (about 2 hours)

  • Order an Easy Name Change kit. Just select which organisations you need to notify. 10 minutes later get all the paperwork and procedures needed. Follow the procedure listed for each company, complete any necessary forms, sign and send your faxes and letters. Where there is no paperwork to complete you’ll be advised of the correct procedure to follow.

Option 2 – Do it yourself (about 5-10 hours, depening on how many companies)


  • Make a list of all the organisations you need to notify
  • Call each one and ask their name change procedure. In some cases you can change your name over the phone, otherwise you’ll be informed what procedure to follow.
  • Wait for any forms to be delivered, complete and return.
  • Where your name change is requested in writing, you need to create the letters and faxes.


Part 3 – other considerations

  • Once you have updated all your records your name change is complete.  Don’t forget to order new business cards, update your voicemail, create or update your will and tell family, friends and colleagues that you have a new name.
  • We always recommend updating all your records at once. Any records that are forgotten often cause headaches down the track when you are trying to prove your identity.
  • If you need to make travel arrangements but your passport is still under your old name, carefully consider what name you should make your travel arrangements under. You won’t be able to travel on international flights where the passport is under a different name from your tickets. Either prioritise your passport to be update and only book under your new name if you have allowed at least 3 months to make the change, otherwise delay updating your passport until pending travel has been completed.


Changing your name? No matter what your reason, we can guide you through the process. You can do it yourself, or save hours by using a notification kit.

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