Separation And Name Change

Separation And Name Change

Separation And Name Change

If your life is about to change, there is no reason why you cannot change your name as soon possible. No need to wait an inordinate amount of time. There are many financial and personal reasons to affect that change once the decision to pursue divorce is at hand.

For women who have taken their husband’s name, they can revert to their maiden name at any time, during marriage, during separation or after divorce. The primary document for this name change is the marriage certificate which lists the maiden name.  In any cases where the individual wants to revert to a maiden name, all that is necessary is a birth certificate and a marriage certificate. (cont...)


When you changed your name upon marriage, the change process may well have been easier than it is today.  The reason is that all industries and public service organisations have become very careful about identity theft. Now each public and private entity has its own name change protocol. 

If you will be changing your name, now is the time to make the move.  From a practical standpoint, the marriage has failed.  This does not mean you failed or that you will fail again.  The time to re-establish your identity, your credit and all the accounts, including utilities, to which you are accustomed, is at hand.

These entities do not like confusion about their customers.  Businesses do not want one form of identity that does not correspond precisely with information in their records. And yes, the initiative to change your name lies with you.  Some of these entities may insist upon the deed poll but most will not.  Most companies understand that you have the legal right to change your name. 

The most important documents will be your driver’s license, passport, credit cards and bank accounts.  Thankfully, Easy Name Change is a company that offers name change kits specifically designed to meet every organisation’s protocol.  It is easy.  It is fast. It works.

At, there are three affordable name change kits that provide all the letters and documentation necessary to change your name.

To start your new life, visit the site and register. Then, select from a list all the oganisations that you need to notify.  Get all your name change forms, plus ready to send letters and faxes instantly delivered. Or else sit back and wait for everything to be printed and posted to you.


If you're contemplating a name change due to divorce or separation it can be easier than you think.  Research shows you'll be happier, more confident and have an imporved sense of identity when going back to your former name. Easy Name Change is here to help.

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