Your Marriage Name Options

Your Marriage Name Options

Your Marriage Name Options

There are a range of options available to you after marriage. Any of these names can be taken by simply presenting your marriage certificate to the relevant organisation and your account will be updated into your preferred name. If you want a different name from what is below, or to drop a middle name, alter spelling or make any other change during the process, you will need to change your name by deed poll.

Change your surname to your husband’s surname

Around 85% of brides take their husband’s surname and in place of their maiden name. It's a straightforward change and you only need your marriage certificate. There is no paperwork or registration of your new name - you simply start using your new name any time after your wedding ceremony. Organisations will update your accounts and identification on presentation of your wedding certificate.

Use a combination of your married and maiden name

You may choose to take your husband’s name in the steps outlined above, but you may decide at work you want to still be known by your maiden name. This is perfectly legal. When a bride takes her husband’s name after marriage she never loses the right to be known by her maiden name.  The husband’s surname is an assumed name, meaning the bride can simply assume use of this name without losing the right to be known by her birth name.

This is more common with women who have built a career for themselves, such as journalists, lawyers, academics and teachers. If you choose this path, ensure any linked accounts, such as your pension plan, bank account details and flights, are all linked to the correct name.

Leave your name as is and take no action

No explanation needed really. It is worth remembering that no matter how much time has passed since your wedding, you can take your husband’s surname at any time and for any reason. This is often the case once women have families and decide they want to have the same name as their husband and children.

Double barrelled or hyphenated surname 

You can add your husband's surname to your own, with either a space or hyphen between the two. Most government departments allow this on presentation of your wedding certificate, however some financial institutions insist on a deed poll. Try changing your photo ID first, then use this as supporting evidence with these companies.

After marriage there are 4 options available to you and you can take any of these simply by presenting your wedding certificate.

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