Deed Poll via Solicitor

Deed Poll via Solicitor

Deed Poll via Solicitor

A deed poll is a sworn statement of name change taken before a witness. Most online deed poll companies send you a completed deed to sign in front of a friend. A deed poll witnessed by a solicitor is always accepted by any UK organisation as evidence of legal name change. Solicitors who specialise in deed polls may have a set fee structure and may charge anywhere from £25 to £100, as the fee is one set price you won’t have any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. If you already see a solicitor for other matters you may be able to add this in with other work you are doing, as notarising and certifying the deed itself may only take a few minutes.


If use a solicitor who doesn’t specialise in deed polls you may find it more expensive versus deed poll services, especially as some solicitors may have an hour minimum billing time at around £150/hour.  If you ever need a replacement deed poll certificate it may become expensive and time consuming to have a replacement issued. 

We recommend using a solicitor with whom you have an existing relationship or a solicitor who specialises in deed polls.  The more common approach to legal name change in the UK is to use a dedicated deed poll organisation.

Deed polls can be done by either a solicitor or a dedicated deed poll organisation.  We explain the pros and cons of using a solicitor to notarise your deed.

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