Deed Poll via Solicitor

Deed Poll via Solicitor

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A deed poll is a sworn statement of name change taken in fornt of a witnessed. Most online deed poll companies send you a completed deed to sign in fornt of a friend. Any deed poll witnessed by a solicitor is also accepted by any UK organisation as evidence of legal name change. Solicitors who specialise in deed polls may have a set fee structure and may charge anywhere from £25 to £100, as the fee is one set price you won’t have any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. If you already see a solicitor for other matters you may be able to add this in with other work you are doing, as notarising and certifying the deed itself may only take a few minutes.

If use a solicitor who doesn’t specialise in deed polls to notarise your deed you may find it more expensive that deed poll services, especially as some solicitors may have an hour minimum billing time at up to £150/hour.  If you ever need a replacement deed poll certificate it may become expensive and time consuming to have a replacement issued. 

We recommend only using a solicitor where you have an existing relationship or the solicitor specialises in deed polls.  The more common approach to legal name change in the UK is to use dedicated deed poll organisation.