Can I Keep My Maiden Name at Work?

It’s perfectly legal to keep using your former name in some places, like at work, while having all accounts and identification updated into your married name.

Many people have worked hard to establish their professional reputation, personal brand or have published articles and don’t want the disconnect that comes with a married name change. The great thing about your new married surname is that it’s an assumed name. This means the name on your birth certificate does not change. You are free to use the name you held immediately prior to marriage. For most of us, this is our birth name.

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This means it is ok to use both your married and your former name. You may have your married name on identification, accounts and memberships, but still be known by your former name. Conversely, you may decide to use your married name socially or at work, but leave all your identification, accounts and memberships in your former name.

Some advice for keeping your former name in some places

It can cause issues and confusion if your name is only half changed and there’s not much logic as to which accounts are under what name. If you decide to use both names be clear in your approach. It is recommended you consistently keep your records in either one name or the other as it can be difficult to prove your identity. If proof of identity presents an issue in the future you can always show your marriage certificate to prove the link between the two names.

If you decide to use both married and former names, then just watch out for a few common pitfalls:

  • Ensure all international flight bookings are in the same name as what currently appears in your passport.
  • Advise payroll when your bank account details change.
  • Ensure your pension is updated into the correct name.
  • Ensure all professional insurance policies are in the correct name.

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