How Soon Should I Change My Name?

While it’s common for newlyweds to change names within a few months of their wedding, there is no legal time frame required. Either spouse can change names immediately or years after their wedding.  Conversely, you can revert to your former name at any time, regardless of your marital status. Where some couples have both decided to keep their own surname, it’s okay to change your mind years later, often triggered by the arrival of a new baby. The only document you need to get started is the official marriage certificate. There’s no special registration or steps. Simply notifiy all the organisations where you hold an account, identification or a record.

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The DVLA requests your driving licence is updated as soon as practical after you get married and decide to change your name. At a minimum, you should aim to have all your records and accounts consistently under one name within one or two months of starting. Easy Name Change customers usually get all their records updated within 2 weeks of starting! Keep an eye out on the post box and the inbox! Your former name could still pop up unexpectedly on a forgtten account a few months after you thought you were done!

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Expect to get your records changed everywhere within 4 months. Save yourself MOTHS by choosing your companies from our name change database. We provide all the paperwork needed, ready to send! You’ll also get fully researched name change procedures for all your chosen companies so you know what to send where.


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