How to Change Names after Marriage

It’s relatively simple to change names after marriage! First, get your official marriage certificate, then update all your accounts into your new name. There is no special registration or paperwork to be completed, simply start using your new name!

First, get your marriage certificate

If you’re adding your spouse’s surname to yours (in either order), or taking your spouses’ surname in place of yours, the only proof needed is your official marriage certificate. Order it from the registry office in the country where you were married. Certificates are usually available 2 weeks after your ceremony. Fees vary but expect to pay around £12. Many organisations insist on a government issued certificate as it has some security features not present in a handwritten or religious certificate. (cont…)

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

It’s a good idea to get an extra copy as some organisations need the original document sent by mail, like the DVLA. This way you can send out all your name change notifications at once rather than waiting for it to be returned which can drag out the process.

Now update your records 

Newlyweds have an average of 24 different places to update. It takes HOURS to check the name change process for each one! Then you’ll have a bunch of forms to complete, plus a number of letters and emails to send. Easy Name Change provides all this information in just 10 minutes! Choose your companies from our extensive database and instantly receive forms, letters and emails. They’re customised for each company and ready to send! You’ll save weeks of waiting for processes to be confirmed and forms to be sent!


Risk free! 

Easy Name Change UK was established in 2009. We’ve helped over 1 million people around the world change names! We’re so sure you’ll save hours of painful research and tedious paperwork that we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not happy for any reason!

Prefer to do it yourself?

If you’ve got plenty of time then you can manage your own name change for free. Start by making a comprehensive checklist of all the places where you hold an account, identification, licence and membership. You can use our free checklist builder to check off each of your companies from our database, we’ll then email you a FREE name change checklist so you don’t miss any places!

Next, set aside 20 minutes per company to complete all the research and prepare your paperwork. Got 24 companies listed? Then expect it to take 8 hours. Get in contact with each company on your list and learn their name change process. Do they have a form? Do you need to send a letter? An email? Where do you send it? What proof do they need? Or do you need to visit a branch in person? Once you’ve wrapped up the research you’ll need to spend a few hours filling in tiny boxes on forms, preparing all your paperwork and sorting out what to send where. It’s not a fun job! Save yourself from paperwork hell with a risk-free Easy Name Change kit and get back to some of the more fun things newlyweds should be doing!

Ready to change your name now?