Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Many companies need to see proof of your name change before updating your records. This helps safeguard your account. If changing names from marriage, the only document you need to get started is your marriage certificate. 

You may have been issued with a hand written certificate or religious certiicate on your wedding day. This is not always accepted as it is missing certain security features that come with a government issued marriage certificate. 

England and Wales

All marriages are recorded by the local registry office in the county where you were married. Costs vary, but expect to pay around £10. We recommend ordering multiple certificates so your name change isn't held up when you need to apply for name changes by mail with your original certificate. 

The General Registry Office (GRO) can only issue marriage certificates 12 to 18 months after the event took place. If your wedding was at least 18 months ago, you can order from the GRO online(cont..)



Apply to the local registration district where your wedding was recorded. All marriages are eventually filled with the General Registrar's Office. You can apply in person at one of the GRO offices, by mail or telephone

Northern Ireland

Order NI marriage certificates online from the GRO. If you don't have a credit card you can return a form along with a cheque or money order. 

Marriage certificates should be ordered locally. This document is essential for changing names. You can order your first marriage certificate, multiple copies or reorder at any time.

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