Changing names on the Electoral Roll

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It is your responsibility to keep your name updated on the electoral roll. Registration is managed by the local electoral registration office in each district - there is no centralised electoral register. You will therefore need to confirm what local area you are part of and send a request directly to the office.

When are you changing names?

Each local electoral registration office sends an electoral registration form to all households annually between July and November.  If your name change falls into this period you can update your name and/or address by returning the form provided in the update.

If your name change falls outside of this period you may contact your local office directly and ask their name change procedure. 

To proactivey manage your name change on the register

Find the contact details for your electorate online here. Enter your post code and click through to your local electorate office. Name changes do not always have a separate procedure. In many cases you can complete a change of address form and include your new name. Where the name change procedure is not clearly explained it is best to email or call your local electorate and ask what procedure to follow and what proof is required.

Need to change names anywhere else?

Once you've changed names all the necessary companies need to be informed; HMRC, driving licence, utilities, phone accounts, loyalty clubs and more. Organisations have a range of name change procedures; some will require a letter, others need you to inform the name change online. Learn the name change procedures for all your companies - just click below.