How Do I Change My Name?

How Do I Change My Name?

How Do I Change My Name?

When changing names there are generally 2 parts to the process. First, get an official document that lists your old name and your new name. The type of document needed depends on your reason for name change.

The second part is more time consuming - you need to notify each and every organisation where you hold identification, and account or membership. These companies have different name change procedures, so you'll be required to attend offices in person, return forms and send letters. Some places allow name change over the phone. (cont...)


First, get proof of your name change

Marriage is the most common reason for changing names, with around 85% of UK brides taking their husband's name after marriage. The only official document you need to start the name change process is your marriage certificate.

If you're divorced, show your decre absolute. Some organisations may also ask to see your birth certificate.

If you want to revert to your maiden name, you need your marriage and birth certificates. Some organisations may require additional proof, such as a copy of your updated passport or a sworn statement. 

deed poll is required if you're changing names for any other reason. There other accepted ways to change names, such as a sworn statement, or a letter from a person of responsibility, however change names in your passport and get your records changed with minimal fuss a deed poll is recommended. Easy Name Change does not sell deed polls so you'll need to arrange this yourself. For more information see our deed poll section.

Next, notify all the necessary companies of your new name.

Unfortunately there's no magical agency that goes around and updates all your government records. You need to contact all the necessary government departments and companies to request your name changed. 

Start by updating your driver's license or other government issued photo ID. Then change your bank accounts, which usually require you to attend a branch in person. Most other companies allow name change in writing by returning a special form, or by sending a letter or fax. 

Get all the name change procedures for your companies, plus special name change forms and ready to send letters and faxes for all your companies via the button below.


There's 2 parts to changing your name. First get your name change paperwork.  Next, it's up to you to notify all the necessary organisations.

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